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5 Top Tips for Staying Hydrated this Summer

Cycling during the summer months can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. However, with the sun beating down and...

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Understanding FTP: VLa Max vs. Vo2 Max – What triathletes need to know

Why are we all chasing the magical FTP number? Yes I did as well, but my way of looking...

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Everesting – by Andrew Winter

This challenge first caught my attention when Tom Walker completed his first Everest on Jebel Jais in February 2019....

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Destination Algarve

If you are looking for new multi-sport destinations to discover then consider taking a trip to The Algarve, the...

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Let’s talk about STEALTH Secret Training BiG Endurance Drink Mix (Peppermint)

Rocket Fuel for sustained Watts. I’ve been a regular BiG Endurance consumer for all long race pace rides for...

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A warning for Cyclists – Andy Fordham’s story

8 days ago I was involved in a very serious Bike v Car accident at the Al Qudra Roundabout...

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Summer Training: Overhydration – Hyperhydration – Dehydration. Know your stuff and be prepared.

Hot weather can make it difficult to maintain optimal hydration; dehydration is not healthy, but neither is overconsuming (overhydrating)...

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How and when do I clean my bike?

The age old question, when to clean your bike? The simple answer is when it’s dirty!  World tour team...

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What are the different types of tyres on a bike?

Choosing the correct type of tyre depends on the type of bike & wheels you have installed, plus the...

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Love the Turbo & why use a turbo trainer for cycling and triathlon training

Turbo Trainer Triathlon Cycling Dubai…. “Love the Turbo” was the response when I asked my coach, Brett Sutton, how...

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