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Proviz Reflective Breathable Neck Warmer

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The REFLECT360 neck warmer is made from lightweight, high moisture-wicking, soft-touch polyester to give you a multi-functional garment that can be used in many ways and in many sports and activities. During the winter, use it to stop the chill getting to your face by pulling it over your chin and/or nose. Or simply use it as a neck scarf to plug the gap between your jacket and neck. Or if your preferred use is out running, walking or hiking you can double it up and use it as a lightweight beanie, headscarf or bandana. During the summer, you can position it over your head to keep the sun’s strong rays off parts of your face or back of the neck. We call it a neck warmer but ultimately it has fantastic breathable properties that allow the moisture and heat to escape or help keep the sun off your skin. As it’s part of the REFLECT360 range we’ve ensured ample amounts of our reflective trim are strategically positioned on both the front and back of the product to help keep you that little bit more visible when out at night.




  • Highly breathable
  • High moisture-wicking fabric
  • Multi-activitiy functionality: Cycling, Running, Hiking etc
  • Multi-Use – Warmer, Face Mask, Sun Protector, headscarf, bandana, beanie
  • REFLECT360 trim for night time reflectivity
  • 100% soft touch polyester
  • Dimensions when flat: 50cm x 24cm
  • Ultra lightweight
  • One size
  • Machine washable


Our commitment to technology is evident in features like REFLECT360, a game-changing material embedded with reflective glass beads that ensure maximum visibility from all angles.

Whether you’re cycling through city streets or running on dark trails, REFLECT360 keeps you safe without compromising performance. Additionally, our Pixelite range combines reflective and LED elements to take visibility to the next level, with strategically placed panels and optional LED lights ensuring you’re seen in even the most challenging conditions.

Embrace our cutting-edge advancements and experience how technology can enhance your performance and prioritize your safety like never before.

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