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The KitBrix Bag – Ballistic – variety of colours available

AED 375,00

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AED 500.00
with postpay
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39cm L x 24cm H x 24cmD Capacity 20L weight1,3kg



KitBrix is a robust, modular bag, designed to help organise and protect kit for people active in all types of sport. Each bag can be zipped together to form a rucksack.

Each bag ‘stands’ on a robust waterproof base, offering complete visibility and control over contents and ready access to kit for training or competition. Storing kit in separate sections, easily marked with our supplied icons, removes the stress from preparation, leaving you, and perhaps your family, in a state of calm organised readiness.

KitBrix provides safe storage in the home, garage or car. Its unmatched build quality keeps expensive kit secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice, saving time and money.

Perfect for hand luggage as one or two units, KitBrix is a great travel companion with lockable zips for the main section of each bag|

Measures: 39cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 24cm(d)

Capacity: 20L

Weight: 1.3kg

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Orange, Black, Grey, Navy, Red, Yellow, Pink