Let’s talk about STEALTH Secret Training BiG Endurance Drink Mix (Peppermint)

Posted on 5th May 2024 | Anastassiya Siner

Rocket Fuel for sustained Watts.

I’ve been a regular BiG Endurance consumer for all long race pace rides for over a year now but, due to being a 100g an hour athlete, I always found the sweetness tough on long sessions. Then I was told to try out this new “Peppermint” flavour by the Sported team, “Tastes like polo mints”. Peppermint? What’s that all about?

But wow, does this deliver. Consistent energy throughout my long rides with a fresh minty taste that refreshes, rather than overpowers with sweetness.

Highly recommended switching up on those long sessions!

This is how Tim Lawson, the brains behind all STEALTH products explains the added qualities of the BiG Endurance Peppermint:

“The peppermint flavour comes from pure peppermint oil at a dosage shown in a number of studies to improve performance.
A major component of peppermint is menthol and this has a cooling effect. This may help you perform better in the heat.
The sodium (for hydration) is included as bicarbonate salt. Oral consumption of bicarbonate augments the bodies intrinsic bicarbonate store that buffers lactic acid. It is not a huge dose but significant especially when using a few bottles on a long ride.
More commercial drinks can use up the bodies buffering capacity because they are often loaded with acids.”

By Tom Higgs

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